FB_IMG_1516272842750Hello everyone!! Im super super excited! Compliments of the season🎉🎉🎉

Great things have happened in the year 2017 and one of them was  the birth of my Online Jewelry Business called ClayTess Jewellers!!!

My vision has always been to start my own Diamond Jewellery Business but somehow I’ve been procrastinating( or rather scared 😓).

I then took a bold step in August 2017 and i must say its been the best decision ive ever made!

ClayTess Jewellers is the first ever Online Jewelry Store based in Bulawayo Zimbabwe. We specialise in wedding rings,gifts,watches and many more! We do 9ct,18ct gold,sterling silver and precious/semi precious stones which are Diamonds,Tanzanites and many more!

Im so delighted for the support and the love for the brand people have been showing over these couple of months! Im looking forward to the year 2018!!

Remember you can be anything you want to be,take the bold step and “start”!

With Love

Tess ( Accredited Jewelry Professional GIA,Diamond & Jewelry Specialist,Diamond Grader and Evaluator!

Facebook Page : ClayTess Jewellers

Website   : http://www.claytessjewellers.co.zw