How to pick Jewelry to Match Your Wedding Dress

Preparing for a wedding can be quit hectic and therefore you end up forgetting the lil things that add up to your glitz and glamour!

I remember every detail of my wedding preparation! The most exciting was choosing my 2 dresses..In all that pressure i totally forgot about picking my jewelry pieces!!! I hadn’t researched on what jewelry would match my dresses( 1st gown was a white halterneck,2nd gown orange). I had to do last minute as i cant live without jewelry!

Your big day is approaching. You’ve picked out your dress and you’ve either forgotten about picking out jewelry or you’re just confused on which piece will go well with your dress.This can be a bit confusing as there are lots of options in jewelry.

GIRL! not to worry! I’ve created a list of essentials things to keep in mind when choosing your jewelry:

*Consider Your Dress Design

Wedding gowns have got different designs and therefore each dress design has a particular jewelry design piece to go with it.

Sweetheart/Strapless Wedding Dress: With this type of dress, you have two options:

i. You can wear a choker necklace with studs. If your dress has no detail,you can wear a choker with diamantez , to cause a balance!

ii. You can wear Chandalier earring ( dangle earrings with bling). This works if especially your dress has a lot of detail.

Halter Neck Dress – With this design you can focus your attention on your hair accessories,use a nice hair comb and throw in a nice matching chandalier pair of earrings or a bracelet that matches your hair comb.

Dont Over Do It

Your dress design will always guide you on the amount of jewelry to wear. I know there’s a temptetion to to throw in everything,don’t let your accessories outshine you.Remeber “Less is more”.

Match Your Metals To Your Dress Colour

Stuck on deciding wether to go with silver or gold jewelry?

A White Gown goes well with silver / platinum jewelry.

An Ivory Dress will match beautifully with gold jewelry.

A Champigne wedding dress with look stunning with either yellow gold or rose gold jewelry.

I hope this helps! Do share on the comment section below how you’ve decided to match your jewelry to your dress!!

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